Conference at a Glance
Detailed Programme here


Friday 28th Sept 18.00 – 20.30 – Wine and Canapes Reception – £17 members, £19 non-members

Saturday 29th Sept 09.00 – 17.30 – All day Conference including lunch, beverages and snacks – £65 members, £70 non-members

Saturday 29th Sept 19.30 – 23.00 – Banquet with minstrels and jesters –  £49 members, £59 non-members (Saturday evening Banquet is now sold out!)

Sunday 30th Sept 09.30 – 14.00 – Morning Conference including lunch, beverages and snacks – £45 members, £50 non-members

Total (*excluding Banquet) £127 members, £139 non-members

However, we are offering a further discounted rate to members attending all elements (excluding the Banquet) in the main programme package – £120


The Excursions are additional extras to complement the main programme.
Please see Programme, Networking and Excursions pages for full details.

There is such an exciting buzz about The Historical Novel Society Conference this year.  I am so looking forward to attending and meeting readers, fellow writers and publishing industry professionals.
Elizabeth Chadwick, author of Lady of the English and To Defy a King

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  1. Michael S. Harley says:

    Please forward information for the total cost of this conference. Thank You!

  2. Mark Evans says:

    What an excellent opportunity for would-be novelists, actual novelists and those passionate about fictionalised history. I’m so looking forward to it.

  3. Sandra says:

    When is the full programme going to be announced? I have already signed up, but I am aware that some people won’t decide whether to book or not (no pun intended – honest!), until they’ve seen the programme, which I think is fair enough.

    • Jenny Barden says:

      Any moment now, Sandra! The main programme is already up on the ‘Programme’ page and web-wizard Charlie Farrow is in the process of putting up the ‘click through’ information for the main panel sessions and optional workshops and talks. Likewise the pitch sessions schedule is almost ready to go live, and the detailed timetabling for the excursions will be on the website shortly. We’re almost there!…

  4. I know that the banquet is sold out but can I still register for the rest of the conference?

  5. Jenny Barden says:

    Hi Elizabeth
    You most certainly can still book for the rest of the Conference – please do while there’s still plenty of choice for the optional sessions!

  6. Will there be a group booksigning like there is at the conferences in the States? If so, when will it take place, and where should my publisher send the books (and how many). I have the first 2 novels of my Marie Antoinette trilogy now in print (BECOMING MARIE ANTOINETTE and DAYS OF SPLENDOR, DAYS OF SORROW), so I plan to have some of each on hand, although DOS is the newest release (May 2012) as some readers may not have read the 1st novel. Many thanks!

  7. I echo Leslie’s question about a group booksigning.

  8. Jill Dalladay says:

    Is there any news yet about the questionnaire coming out? I’m worried I may have missed it.

  9. Ray Taylor says:

    I have forgotten which workshops I chose! Will there be any pre-conference info sent out or will it all be in packs on arrival?
    Really looking forward to it by the way!

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