Main Panel Sessions



09.40 – 10.25

What Sells HF? From title to jacket: the ever-improving package

Matt Bates, Jade Chandler, Diana Gabaldon, David Headley, Simon Taylor, Susan Watt

2.25 – 3.10

The Lying Art: Tensions and issues at the fact/fiction interface

Elizabeth Chadwick, Emma Darwin, Barbara Ewing, Daisy Goodwin, Ian Mortimer, Harry Sidebottom

3.25 – 4.10

Brawn v Heart: Story and gender in HF: confronting action with romance

Angus Donald, Shana Drehs, CW Gortner, Gillian Green, Karen Harper, Doug Jackson


10.00 – 10.45

The Many Faces of HF: What does the genre embrace and where is it going?

Vanora Bennett, Carole Blake, Rory Clements, Sarah Dunant, Heather Lazare, Cathy Rentzenbrink

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