• Philippa Gregory’s Opening Address Video at #HNSLondon12


    On Saturday 29th September, Philippa Gregory delivered a fabulous opening address at our London conference.  She discussed, among many other things, the importance of narrative in retelling history and using facts uncovered through research to re-create women’s lives and give voice to ordinary people from the past.

    It was both wonderful and wonderfully inspiring, addressing both what we do as historical fiction writers and what we look for as readers.  She held the audience rapt for the entire 40-minute talk.


    Thanks to Philippa for granting permission to post her keynote address, and to Johnny Yates for his stellar production skills.

    We have more fantastic video to follow; Lindsey Davis and Margaret George, panel sessions and the INFAMOUS Late Night Sex Readings! Check our #HNSLondon12  Conference video page for updates. We already have a two minute fun taster video of the entire conference to whet your appetite!


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