Workshops & Talks

Session 1 (Sat 11.50 – 12.50)

1A. Haunted by the Past (talk)


An exploration of the relationship between HF, fantasy and the supernaturalBarbara Erskine & Diana Gabaldon
1B. What Are Publishers Really After? (talk)!!FULLY BOOKED!! An inside view on how mainstream UK publishers identify and select HF for their listsJade Chandler & Laura Macdougall

1C. Method Writing… the devil is in the detail (talk)!!FULLY BOOKED!! How corsets and aspic can help you unlock the pastDaisy Goodwin & Claudia H Long
1D. Ships Ahoy! (talk) The challenges and joy of writing nautical HFLinda Collison, JD Davies, Helen Hollick, Margaret Muir & Richard Spilman
1E. E. Publishing and marketing your own ebooks (workshop) Self-publishing your novels, your backlist and short stories as ebooks, and developing an online profileCharlie Farrow & Ian Skillicorn
1F. Reader Opinions Revealed (workshop) A chance for readers to be heard and writers to reflect on some startling survey resultsJustin Neville & Mary Tod with Emma Darwin & Harry Sidebottom
1G. Making the Breakthrough (workshop)


Case studies in finding a mainstream publisher for HF from US and UK perspectives Simon Scarrow Jenny Barden & Patricia Bracewell
1H. Killer Blows (workshop)!!FULLY BOOKED!! Making fight scenes convincing in ages when combat was hand to handAngus Donald, Doug Jackson & Russell Whitfield guest appearance by Bernard Cornwell

1I. The Fabulous Tudors (talk) The secrets that make the Tudor and Elizabethan periods perennially fascinatingCW Gortner, Karen Harper & Barbara Kyle with Margaret George
1J. HF for the YA Market (workshop) Captivating teens with stories from long agoV Campbell & Helen Hart

Session 2 (Sun 11.15 – 12.15)

2A. The Magic of Italy: From Ancient Rome to the Renaissance and beyond (talk) What is it about Italy that inspires so much HF?Lucinda Byatt & Sarah Dunant
2B. Landmark Book Debate (talk)


An opportunity for readers to share in private discussion and analysis of two landmark books: Lady of Hay and The Greatest Knight,then ask the authors some searching questionsSarah Johnson & Justin Neville with Elizabeth Chadwick & Barbara Erskine
2C. From the Stage to the Page (workshop) Informing HF through knowledge and love of theatreGillian Bagwell & Barbara Ewing
2D. Weaving the Loveliest of Lies (talk) Drawing on historical research to create great literary fictionVanora Bennett & Lois Leveen
2E. Bringing Characters Alive (workshop) Top tips for writing about fictional characters in historical settingsJean Fullerton & Elizabeth Hawksley
2F. The Thrill of the Chase! (talk) From dry fact to rip-roaring thrillerRory Clements & VM Whitworth
2G. Alternative History (workshop) Methods and issues in fictionalising history as it might have beenChristopher M Cevasco
2H. The Problems of Visiting the Past (talk) In fact and fictionIan Mortimer (aka James Forrester)
2I. Success the Indie Way (workshop) The advantages of being self-published in HF and how best to go that routeRichard Denning, Helen Hart, Cathy Helms & Helen Hollick
2J. Unusual Backdrops (workshop) From Japan to Ladakh, writing HF set in exotic locations or against the scenario of little-known eventsChristina Courtenay & Liz Harris

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